Monthly Archives: March 2015

Mounting the Luxos U Light

The B&M Luxos is a fantastic light, arguably the best for long distance cycling. but it an be very difficult to mount if your bike does not have a calliper brake system. My friend Arran had some problems mounting his so thought I would show how I’ve mounted in on my aero bars, a technique that could be adapted elsewhere.  Be warned: this is engineering overkill but once done you will have a solid mount.

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The Bikepacking Bag Harlot

I got my new Alpkit ‘gas tank/fuel tank’ bag and put it on my bike for this year’s Transcontinental race.  I then realized that I had no loyalty and had become a total harlot when it came to bikepacking bags. When I first started bikepacking I used Revelate Design bags  exclusively, now I have:

  • Alpkit gas tank bag
  • Apidura seat bag (with Alpkit seat bag dry bag—HIGHLY recommended!)
  • Oveja Negra handlebar harness (modified)
  • Revelate Design frame bag

I’m going to share some details on the Alpkit gas tank bag—and why it is essential for anyone running a dynamo setup—and my Oveja Negra ‘cockpit’ setup.


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Live Simple, Eat Lots, Sleep Safe, and Seek More

My friend Rickie Cotter who I met and rode with on the Transcontinental Race last year used that expression in an article she wrote recently. I think that it the perfect motto for endurance cyclists. Thanks Rickie.

The Fastest Runners by Age

One of the most interesting blogs for anyone interested in athletics/sport science is Alex Hutchinson’s Sweat Science from Runner’s World. He had this really interesting post on the visualizing where the fastest runners in different races come from.  No surprise that African’s dominate—but not once middle age sets in! Read the post and the associated links. Quite interesting.