My Perfect Bikepacking Handlebar Bag

I’ve never found quite the right bag for my handlebars. I have tried several, most recently the Apidura Racing Handlebar Bag, but it was just too small. None had the key features that I wanted when bikepacking.

So I decided time to get  Michael from Stealth Bags in Wellington to work with me and get what I needed.  He’s done me two excellent frame bags and is my ‘go to’ guy for creative solutions.  So I went to Michael with my wish list and below is what he came up with …


Key features from the above photo:

  • Attaches to aero bars with 4 x 6” Voile straps
  • Has two mesh pockets on top which will hold my phone and other small items.
  • There are ‘D’ hooks which I can attach straps to so it’s a shoulder bag


There is a single top zipper which opens up the main compartment. On the bottom is a second zipper which is attached to a ‘dry pocket’. This will allow me to stuff in my windbreaker and/or rain pants without getting other things wet.


The back of the pack allows for elastic cord to be attached to it. You can also see the webbing for connecting to the handlebar.


Why webbing? It’s a ‘dead’ area that can be used to store things you need need immediate access to. Such as a pair of sandals for at the end of a long day…


On the inside lid there is a pocket which can store things like a battery pack, and two vertical strips which not only hold in the rigid back plate, but can also be used to store things like a pump, spokes, etc.


Looking forward to using the bag in anger. If you are looking for a handlebar bag share your ideas with Michael. The quality of his gear is unsurpassed and you’ll be very happy with the final product. I know that I am.

4 responses to “My Perfect Bikepacking Handlebar Bag

  1. looks great and really well thought out

  2. Andreas Wittkemper

    That does really look nice. Is there some kind of plastic in the bag to separate the two compartments ? Can’t get it from the last picture.

    • Hi. I left it as a single compartment as that is (in my view) the most efficient way to store things. The waterproof ‘pocket’ with the front zipper access is at the bottom and so you can stuff things in as long as there is enough of a gap at the top to accept it. I really was frustrated by not having anywhere to put my rain gear. Were I to do it again I might have the pocket removeable so you have access from the top and bottom of the bag.

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